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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A day in Kochi

We decided to explore Kochi! Our main destination was Vypin beach. On the way, we stopped at the Pallippuram fort, Cherai beach and Marine drive.

Pallippuram fort premises looked spooky & deserted when we visited.  Apparently it is the oldest existing European fort in India. It was built by Portugeses in 1503! How cool!

Pallippuram fort

Fort premises 

After a quick inspection of the fort, we continued our journey towards Vypin. We had already visited the Cherai beach once before and hence decided to stop by. There are plenty of beach resorts coming up and the beach is becoming popular among tourists. Moreover, the beach is very clean and suitable for taking a dip.

Lakeside resorts, Cherai (Kochi)
Chinese fishing nets

Cherai Beach

By mid-day we reached the Marine drive to try a boat journey. There is a boat cruise named Sagara Rani which takes you for a 2 hour journey in the backwaters. During the cruise, you will see the various landmarks of Kochi. For some reason, we could not go for this cruise and finally, decided to take the ferry to Vypin. First time in my life, I traveled in a passenger boat and also the ticket rate was unbelievably cheap. One should definitely try this while visiting Kochi. You will see people who travel in this ferry everyday, maybe for work or for studies..and its just like a daily bus ride for them. On the way we saw many of those huge ships pass by...

Ferry boat
When a ship passed the boat

We got down at the Vypin boat jetty and started exploring the place. As you walk towards the shore, on one side you will see an array of Chinese fishing nets and birds trying to find their luck to find trapped fishes. On the other side is a long walkway along the beach.

Fishing nets

You will see road side stalls selling colorful clothes and accessories...all for attracting the tourists. Huge containers/ships would make noise and pass by.. Our main intension of visiting Vypin beach was to see Dolphins, which we had never seen before. But however, we were unlucky to spot any during that time.

The long walkway along the beach is a perfect place for families to sit, have ice creams & chit-chat. For fitness enthusiasts, a full stretch walk is just enough for a day. Loners would sit & watch the waves. :)

Vypin beach

We waited for the sunset...a perfect end for the day!

I wish to come back again to see the Dolphins! ;)

Enjoy Kochi!




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