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Thursday, October 17, 2013

A drive through Marine drive - Mumbai

The marine drive is about 5 kilometers far from the Chhatrapathi Shivaji Terminus (formerly known as Victoria Terminus). The architecture of the terminus is worth observing! You may want to stop and take a look around before you drive ahead.

CST Terminus

Apparently, Marine drive is one place within the city (South Mumbai) where one can breathe some fresh air and feel close to nature...A walk along the paved walkway is indeed a good exercise and ensures a beautiful view of the Arabian sea. The area towards the southern most tip is named as Nariman point and it is the 15th most expensive central business district in the world. At the northern most end is the Chowpatty beach where you can have local snacks like bhel puri, pani puri, etc.

While you enjoy the cool sea breeze you would see many fishermen at work. Sometimes there are men who come & try luck with their own small fishing baits - who knows, maybe they have to hunt for their food everyday.  

It will only take a few moments to observe the huge contrast in lifestyles that prevail in this city. As we feel pity looking at these poor people, we can also see other attractions along the drive such as the Oberoi hotel and huge fancy residences of celebrities..Some of us get to appreciate them standing in awe at the gate and the 'privileged' ones get inside. Don't forget to look around who's next to you as this is where many Bollywood stars & famous business icons come for jogging. :)

However, capturing some beautiful moments through our eyes doesn't cost any money. The long winding stretch of buildings lining the sea in a C-shape is also called Queen's necklace as in the night it looks like a pretty illuminated necklace. The best time to visit Marine drive is during evenings, where you can get a wonderful view of sunset & also see the night view following.

Sunset at Marine Drive

I must mention that these beautiful pictures were captured by my better half who gave me a memorable evening here...:)


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