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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ponmudi - The Golden Peak

Bored and planning to take a break? If you stay in Trivandrum district, you might want to visit this beautiful hill station - Ponmudi (translated to English meaning Golden peak).

Atop the hill
It was one of those random days without work when we - a gang of 5 friends set off to this hill. The distance to the destination from city is about 60 Kilometers. We traveled in a car leaving the city and further crossing Nedumangad, Vithura on the way and then ahead towards the winding roads. The weather was pleasant and that made the journey all the more exciting.

Enroute Ponmudi

We started winding up the hill taking hair pin curves - 22 of them to cover! On the way we noticed some streams and decided to stop. I believe it was the Kallar stream - my interpretation of the word Kallar split as follows - 'Kallu' means stone/pebble and 'aar' means river/stream. So thats what you get to see here, lovely streams in the midst of forest decorated with plenty of pebbles...both small & huge ones..we enjoyed the time wetting our feet sitting on the large stones by the stream. As time passed by, we became more energetic - some splashing water moments & of course clicking crazy snaps! We were like school kids taken out for an excursion :)


After the water-time, we continued our journey uphill...chit chatting, pulling each other's legs and many times looking out through the windows to acknowledge the mesmerizing sights that nature had spread before us...The route became more & more welcoming as we moved forward...the more excited we became, the more mischiefs we did. Here's an unforgettable event that followed...some of us started screaming with heads out of the windows and it was too late to notice a police jeep which crossed our car...:( That was one unexpected moment when we were asked to stop, some rounds of questioning and finally a blow test (alcohol) for the guy at driver seat too. So, evidently the trip was getting more interesting...! However, with that lesson we started relishing the rest of the moments silently...Soon, on the way we saw a landing by the road which looked like a great view point...we stopped there - clicked some snaps and lay down looking at the sky...breathing the cool & precious unpolluted air...

Ponmudi is in the Southern part of the Western Ghats and extends to many other tourist spots like Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Agasthyarkoodam (one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats), Neyyar, Thenmala, etc. The deer park and Meenmutty waterfalls are two nearby places one can visit on the way to Ponmudi. For food, the only option must be the KTDC (government) restaurant.

The view from the top of the hill was that of light & dark shades of green, valleys & mountains, pearl white clouds floating around and some areas hidden with thick fog...truly a beautiful portion of God's own country!

We had parked the car after reaching the hilltop and walked all the way towards the highest peak to get the best view. 

We headed back home with a mind full of eye soothing landscapes and ever-lasting memories..I believe this journey will never repeat...for it was just for once...

Ponmudi wikipedia

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