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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Goa in Two days

Goa had been a dream destination ever since I saw Dil Chahta Hai movie during college days. Many friends had told me that the place looks very much similar to Kerala (my native state). However, the trip still remained on my bucket list of 'Places to go'.

And finally when it happened in May 2016, it was a sudden unplanned trip. We hardly got any time to research on the tourist spots or make plans for stay.. So we did a random booking of a guesthouse through Guesthouser app. We took a sleeper bus from Mumbai to Goa and it was my first time travelling in a sleeper bus upper berth. Until morning we managed to get enough sleep, however once the Ghat road started I started to feel nauseated due to the curves and turns. Those who have travel sickness, make sure you carry Sprite or anti-nausea medicines while travelling this way.

From my experience, I would not suggest anyone visiting Goa during the summer i.e during April-May unless you are ready to get tanned heavily. The public transport in Goa is not reliable and hence we all should know how to ride a two wheeler. In Goa, we can rent a two wheeler on a daily basis for Rs. 300 approx. There are options to rent a car also. People come to Goa to booze, party and enjoy the sea breeze. We stayed in North Goa, a place named Candolim. It was a quiet area with a few small beaches nearby and good food cafes with music. We first visited the Calangute beach which was about 2 kms from Candolim.

Calangute beach
Sunset at Calangute beach

On day 2 morning we went to the quiet Candolim beach to take a dip. Post breakfast (buffet at a resort hotel we saw on the way) we rented a bike and started off to the Chapora fort which was about 20 km from Candolim. It was a long drive in the sun and we stopped for lunch at a hotel on the way, near Anjuna beach. After we were done with our sandwiches we drove further ahead to Chapora. After a tiring ride we reached the fort base. We had to buy hats for all as the Sun showed no mercy and there were no trees around. A steep uphill climb was waiting for us. Lesson 1. Never climb up a fort during noon/ summer. 2. Always plan your 'places to see' list considering the weather and not your interests alone.

The Vagator beach lies just about 1 km away from the Chapora fort. We spent the rest of the evening at the beach even though it was crowded. By around 5pm we started our trip back to our stay. As we had booked our train from Madgaon station we had to hire a taxi (cost Rs. 1300/1400) to reach by 10pm. The station is far from the city and it took about an hour to reach. On the way we saw many Casinos and the Mandovi river. What we missed during the trip was visits to the old Goa, Vasco da Gama and the churches. Hope we will come back to Goa with a better plan and during a better season next time.

Way to Chapora fort

View from atop Chapora fort

A bee-eater (Candolim beach)

Guesthouse premises

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