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I dream of wandering wild, walking along the woods plucking fruits, laze around sublime landscapes. I feel alive when I'm out there basking in the sun, watching new horizons. I'm in search of little joys that keep me revived. I wish to belong in places where I can quench my thirst drinking from brooks, spend the day chasing butterflies, sipping honey, stopping by to coo with the birds. I am in love with cloud-kissed mountains and flowery meadows. Freedom is what I crave for! Set me free so that I’ll come back to you… I'm a dreamer. I believe that my dreams will take me to new places. This blog tells about my journeys and people who had been a part of them..

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hampi Beckons - A Travel Movie

Glimpses of Hampi

The rustic village vibe and peppy spirit of Hippie island captivates you like crazy. Forget the world outside and travel back in history walking with the souls who lived ages ago. Stories of legendary Kings unfold as you navigate through the ancient ruins that display sheer brilliance. Here it's like flipping through the pages of Ramayana, for this is the land of Ram, Laxman & Hanuman. You become part of a deep seated heritage & culture that stood the test of time. You don't get tired of climbing rocky hills for they present magnificent views of the sprawling empire in 360 degree mode. Lush green paddy fields will gently put your overworked mind at ease - life takes a slower pace here. This land of ruins is where you could just sit back & contemplate on life. 

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